Unnamed Tree Image

unnamed tree ∞/∞

Experience art in a new dimension

with unnamed tree ∞/∞, an ongoing generative art project by Angela Murr. The application illustrates biological and sociological growth processes in an artistic and aesthetic way and at the same time addresses the themes of growth, decay and new growth.

The App unnamed tree ∞/∞ invites you to actively participate. Create your own unnamed tree in the "generate your seed" Ososphère-lab at the Kaleidoscoop in Strasbourg, where you can generate individual seeds in the form of QR codes. The unnamed tree algorithm generates your unique tree, which you can see grow by scanning the QR code on your smartphone display and on site.

Place your QR code in a location of your choice and take care of it - because even your digital tree can be destroyed. Discover the endless possibilities and let your creativity blossom with unnamed tree ∞/∞.